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Can sustainability criteria for certification of agrofuels be effective?

Helena Paul

(4 pages)

in: Policy Department Economic and Scientific Policy Sustainable Biofuel Production in Tropical and Subtropical Countries Workshop proceedings 12 June 2008, p. 19-22
May 2008 Chapter

Ecological Consequences of Genetic Engineering

by Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

(14 pages)

In: Redesigning Life? The worldwide challenge to Genetic Engineering. Ed. Brian Tokar
Mar 2001 Chapter

Geoengineering as a response to the climate crisis: right road or disastrous diversion?

Helena Paul and Rupert Read

(23 pages)

This publication is a chapter in the book Facing up to Climate Reality: Honesty, Disaster and Hope, an edited collection published by Green House.
May 2019 Chapter Download (214.05 KB)

Global Agrofuel Crops as Dispossession

Les Lavidow, Helena Paul

In: Sparking A Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-petrol World / Kolya Abramsky ed.
Jan 2010 Chapter