Social and ecological impacts

Talk - January 2016

The impacts of GM crops in Argentina

with pictures from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil

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Article - May 2014

GMO crops resistant to 'war herbicide' 2,4D

The US looks set to approve GM crops that resist the 'Agent Orange' pesticide 2,4-D as well as glyphosate, writes Helena Paul. If it does, the toxic chemical - created in WW2 to destroy enemy food supplies - will soon end up in animal feeds, and the food we eat.

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Essay - April 2014

Industrial agriculture as warfare and the need for a paradigm shift

Article - February 2014

The unfolding human and ecological disaster of GM agriculture in the Americas must send the EU a powerful message, writes Helena Paul. We don't want it here, and we should stop buying the products of GM-driven genocide and ecocide abroad.

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