Working Group on Review of Implementation of the Convention 4, Montreal 2012

Biodiversity should not be expected to earn its living in the market

May 2012

Helena Paul

On May 2nd 2012 a paper appeared in Nature entitled: A global synthesis reveals biodiversity
loss as a major driver of ecosystem change. It analyses existing data to show that biodiversity loss and extinctions are altering processes fundamental to ecosystem functioning and resilience, with major implications for us all. This is not a new message, but one that has constantly been ignored.

Information concerning Innovative Financial Mechanisms (IFMs): Offset Programmes

A submission to the CBD Secretariat concerning decision X/3

July 2011

Helena Paul & Antje Lorch

With Decision X/3, A, paragraph 8(c) "invites parties, relevant organisations and initiatives.[...] to submit information concerning innovative financial mechanisms that have potential to generate new and additional financial resources as well as possible problems that could undermine achievement of the Convention's three objectives [...]".
This submission focuses on experiences with offset programmes, showing examples and concerns that have arisen from them and that are relevant to ideas of developing biodiversity offset systems or similar mechanisms.

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