Publications relating to Ecological & Social Impacts

Some of our publications are (more) technical, also providing a thorough review of the scientific literature to a specific topic coupled with original analysis.

All publications are either completely online or can be downloaded as pdf.

Title Yearsort ascending Type PDF download Related Topics
The corruption of agricultural science

The impacts of GM crops in Argentina

Helena Paul

Jan 2016 Presentation
20 pages
PDF icon corruption-of-agricultural-science-ORFC.pdf
Swords and Ploughshares

Industrial agriculture as warfare and the need for a paradigm shift

Helena Paul

Jun 2014 Essay
Coming to your table?

GMO crops resistant to 'war herbicide' 2,4D

Helena Paul

May 2014 Article
GM crops are driving genocide and ecocide - keep them out of the EU!

Helena Paul

Feb 2014 Article
African Agricultural Growth Corridors and the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: Who benefits, who loses?

Helena Paul and Ricarda Steinbrecher

May 2013 Report
17 pages
PDF icon African_Agricultural_Growth_Corridors_&_New_Alliance_-_EcoNexus_June_2013.pdf
Biofuels: how many are invasive alien species?

Helena Paul

Apr 2012 Article
1 page
Can sustainability criteria for certification of agrofuels be effective?

Helena Paul

May 2008 Chapter
4 pages
Potential Ecological and Social Impacts of Genetically Engineered Trees

Commentary on the official background paper by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) entitled “The Potential Environmental, Cultural and Socio-Economic Impacts of Genetically Modified Trees” (UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/13/INF/6)

Co-published by 10 organisations: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, EcoNexus, Ecoropa, Friends of Siberian Forest, Global Forest Coalition, Global Justice Ecology Project, PIPEC (Pacific Indigenous Peoples Environment Coalition), Stop GE Tree Campaign, Timberwatch Coalition, World Rainforest Movement.

Feb 2008 Technical Briefing
7 pages
PDF icon CBD_SBSSTA13_commentary.pdf
Agrofuels: Towards a Reality Check in Nine Key Areas

Co-published by Biofuelwatch, Carbon Trade Watch / Transnational Institute, Corporate Europe Observatory, EcoNexus, Ecoropa, Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Munlochy Vigil, NOAH (Friends of the Earth Denmark), Rettet den Regenwald, Watch Indonesia

Mar 2007 Report
36 pages
PDF icon Agrofuels.pdf
Briefing Paper on Transgenic Trees

Implications for Human Health, Biodiversity and Biosafety

Joint briefing paper issued by: Global Justice Ecology Project, EcoNexus, Friends of the Earth International, Global Forest Forum and World Rainforest Movement

Mar 2006 Briefing
2 pages
PDF icon GE-Trees_COP-8_Brief_1.pdf
V-GURTs (Terminator Technology)

Design, Reality and Inherent Risks

by EcoNexus and the Federation of German Scientists; lead author: Ricarda A. Steinbrecher, PhD

Jan 2006 Report
17 pages
PDF icon ENx-CBD-GURTs-2006_0.pdf
Argentina: A Case Study on the Impact of Genetically Engineered Soya

How producing RR soya is destroying the food security and sovereignty of Argentina

by Lilian Joensen, Stella Semino, Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Argentina and Helena Paul, EcoNexus

Mar 2005 Report
30 pages
PDF icon ENx-Argentina-GE-soya-Summary-2004.pdf, PDF icon ENx-Argentina-GE-Soya-Report-2005.pdf
Hungry Corporations

Transnational Biotech Companies Colonise the Food Chain

by Helena Paul and Ricarda Steinbrecher with Devlin Kuyek and Lucy Michaels

Sep 2003 Book
242 pages
Argentina and GM soya

The Cost of Complying with US Pressure

by Helena Paul and Ricarda Steinbrecher

Sep 2003 Briefing
2 pages
PDF icon ENx-Argentina-GM-soya-HC-2003.pdf