Publications relating to New (GM) Techniques

Some of our publications are (more) technical, also providing a thorough review of the scientific literature to a specific topic coupled with original analysis.

All publications are either completely online or can be downloaded as pdf.

Title Yearsort ascending Type PDF download Related Topics
New Genetic Engineering Techniques: Precaution, Risk, and the Need to Develop Prior Societal Technology Assessment

Ricarda A. Steinbrecher and Helena Paul

Dec 2017 Article
11 pages
PDF icon Steinbrecher & Paul Precaution and NGETs Environment AM 2017.pdf
The Emperor’s New Clothes - 'New Breeding Techniques' and synthetic biology - genetic engineering by another name

Helena Paul, Elisabeth Bücking, Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Apr 2017 Commentary
Genetic Engineering in Plants and the “New Breeding Techniques (NBTs)”

Inherent risks and the need to regulate

Dr. Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Dec 2015 Briefing
10 pages
PDF icon NBT Briefing - EcoNexus December 2015.pdf
New breeding techniques

Open letter to the European Commission on new genetic engineering methods

Francesco Panella, Nina Holland, Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher, Andrea Ferrante, Mute Schimpf, Dr Helen Wallace, Saskia Richartz, Christoph Then

Jan 2015 Open Letter
2 pages
PDF icon New Breeding Techniques - Open Letter 27 Jan 2015-1.pdf