Publications relating to Risks & Risk Assessment

Some of our publications are (more) technical, also providing a thorough review of the scientific literature to a specific topic coupled with original analysis.

All publications are either completely online or can be downloaded as pdf.

Title Yearsort ascending Type PDF download Related Topics
Genetic Engineering in Plants and the “New Breeding Techniques (NBTs)”

Inherent risks and the need to regulate

Dr. Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Dec 2015 Briefing
10 pages
PDF icon NBT Briefing - EcoNexus December 2015.pdf
Dr Frances Kelsey: thalidomide and the precautionary principle

Helena Paul & Philip Bereano

Jul 2015 Article
GE Wheat trial by Rothamsted Research

Submission on Rothamsted Research application for consent to release genetically modified wheat in the UK

Dr. Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Jul 2011 Submission
7 pages
PDF icon Econexus-submission-GM-Wheat-application.pdf
Release of GM mosquito Aedes aegypti OX513A (NRE(S)609-2/1/3)

Scientific opinion to the Department of Biosafety, Ministery of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia

Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Aug 2010 Scientific opinion PDF icon RSt - NRE(S) 609-2-1 submission edDec2010-1.pdf, PDF icon GM mosquitoes announcement.pdf, PDF icon GM mosquitoes factsheet.pdf
Genetically Engineered Trees & Risk Assessment

An overview of risk assessment and risk management issues

by Ricarda A. Steinbrecher and Antje Lorch

Apr 2008 Report
30 pages
PDF icon GE-Tree_FGS_2008.pdf
Transformation-induced Mutations in Transgenic Plants

Analysis and Biosafety Implications

by Allison K Wilson, Jonathan R Latham and Ricarda A Steinbrecher

Dec 2006 Scientific Paper
29 pages
PDF icon ENx-BGER_vol23_2006.pdf
Briefing Paper on Transgenic Trees

Implications for Human Health, Biodiversity and Biosafety

Joint briefing paper issued by: Global Justice Ecology Project, EcoNexus, Friends of the Earth International, Global Forest Forum and World Rainforest Movement

Mar 2006 Briefing
2 pages
PDF icon GE-Trees_COP-8_Brief_1.pdf
The Mutational Consequences of Plant Transformation

by JR Latham, AK Wilson and RA Steinbrecher

Jan 2006 Scientific Paper
7 pages
PDF icon ENx-JBB_2006_mutational_consequence.pdf
V-GURTs (Terminator Technology)

Design, Reality and Inherent Risks

by EcoNexus and the Federation of German Scientists; lead author: Ricarda A. Steinbrecher, PhD

Jan 2006 Report
17 pages
PDF icon ENx-CBD-GURTs-2006_0.pdf
Genome Scrambling – Myth or Reality?

Transformation-Induced Mutations in Transgenic Crop Plants

by Allison Wilson, PhD, Jonathan Latham, PhD and Ricarda Steinbrecher, PhD

Sep 2004 Report
36 pages
PDF icon ENx-Genome-Scrambling-Summary.pdf, PDF icon ENx-Genome-Scrambling-Report.pdf
GM-Gene Flow (B)

Horizontal gene transfer of viral inserts from GM plants to viruses

by Jonathan Latham and Ricarda Steinbrecher

Feb 2004 Technical Report
8 pages
PDF icon Horizontal-Genes-virus-2004.pdf
The CaMV 35S Promoter

Government and Corporate Scientific Incompetence: Failure to assess the safety of GM crops

by Ricarda A. Steinbrecher

Dec 2002 Briefing
2 pages
PDF icon ENx-CaMV-35S-Promoter-B-2002.pdf