Publications relating to Bioenergy / Biomass / Biofuels

Some of our publications are (more) technical, also providing a thorough review of the scientific literature to a specific topic coupled with original analysis.

All publications are either completely online or can be downloaded as pdf.

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Bioenergy Out: Why bioenergy should not be included in the next EU Renewable Energy Directive

NOAH (Friends of the Earth Denmark), Biofuelwatch, Econexus, Global Forest Coalition, World Rainforest Movement, Rettet den Regenwald e.V., and Corporate Europe Observatory

Sep 2015 Briefing
10 pages
PDF icon EU Bioenergy Briefing_0.pdf
Large-scale bioenergy must be excluded from the renewable energy definition


Aug 2015 Open Letter
1 page
PDF icon BioenergyOut-Declaration-and-signatories.pdf
A Foreseeable Disaster: The European Union’s agroenergy policies and the global land and water grab

Helena Paul

Jun 2013 Report
40 pages
PDF icon A_Foreseeable_Disaster-HOTL-Agrofuels-July2013.pdf
Committee on World Food Security: High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition draft report: Biofuels and Food Security

Comments from Biofuelwatch, EcoNexus and Global Forest Coalition

Biofuelwatch, EcoNexus & Global Forest Coalition

Jan 2013 Commentary
8 pages
PDF icon HLPE biofuels and food security comments.pdf
Biofuels: how many are invasive alien species?

Helena Paul

Apr 2012 Article
1 page
Are we continuing to fuel Biodiversity Loss?

Biofuels, Bioenergy, Biochar and the Technologies of the new Bioeconomy

CBD Alliance

Mar 2012 Briefing
2 pages
PDF icon cbda_briefing_sbstta16_biofuels.pdf
Global Agrofuel Crops as Contested Sustainability Part II: Eco-Efficient Techno-fixes?

Les Levidow, Helena Paul

Jun 2011 Article
EU biofuel target causes serious damage in the Global South

Comments on the transport elements of the Renewable Energy Directive and on article 7 of the EU Fuel Quality Directive

Helena Paul

May 2011 Submission
3 pages
PDF icon Biofuels.consultation.EcoNexus.2.6.2011.pdf
A dangerous precedent

The UK Nuffield Council on Bioethics proposes five ethical principles and a duty to develop biofuels instead of the Precautionary Principle

Helena Paul

Apr 2011 Article
2 pages
Biochar Knowledge Gaps

Commentary by Helena Paul

Helena Paul

Apr 2011 Commentary
7 pages
Green economy and biofuels: what did the CBD say?

Helena Paul

Mar 2011 Article
1 page
Global agrofuel crops as contested sustainability, Part I: Sustaining what development?

Les Levidow, Helena Paul

Jun 2010 Article
17 pages
PDF icon global-agrofuel-contested-sustainability1.pdf
Carbon - The New Cash Crop?

Helena Paul

Apr 2010 Article
4 pages
PDF icon ENx Carbon Cash Crop - HP - The Land 2010.pdf
Soy production and certification: the case of Argentinean soy-based biodiesel

Julia Tomei, Stella Semino, Helena Paul, Lilian Joensen, Mario Monti & Erling Jelsøe

Mar 2010 Scientific Paper
23 pages
PDF icon soy-production-certification-argentinean-biodiesel.pdf
Global Agrofuel Crops as Dispossession

In: Sparking A Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-petrol World / Kolya Abramsky ed.

Les Lavidow, Helena Paul

Jan 2010 Chapter
Agriculture and Climate Change - Real Problems, False Solutions

by Helena Paul, Almuth Ernsting, Stella Semino, Susanne Gura & Antje Lorch EcoNexus, Biofuelwatch, Grupo de Reflexion Rural, NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark, and The Development Fund Norway

Dec 2009 Report
44 pages
PDF icon Agriculture_climate_change_copenhagen_2009.pdf, PDF icon Agriculture_climate_change_copenhagen_2009-summary.pdf, PDF icon Agricultura y Cambio Climatico completo.pdf, PDF icon Agricultura y Cambio Climatico sumario.pdf
No Idle Threat to the Marginalised

The Focus on “Marginal and Idle” Land for Biofuels (Agrofuels)

Helena Paul

Feb 2009 Article
4 pages
PDF icon Agrofuels_Marginal_Land_Ecologist 2009.pdf
Why 'marginal' land does not solve the biofuel problems

by Helena Paul

Aug 2008 Briefing
1 page
Agrofuels and the Myth of the Marginal Lands

by the African Biodiversity Network, Biofuelwatch, EcoNexus, the Gaia Foundation, Salva La Selva and Watch Indonesia

Aug 2008 Briefing
8 pages
PDF icon agrofuels-myth-marginal-land.pdf
Land-use, Bioenergy and Agro-biotechnology

Les Levidov (Open University) and Helena Paul (Econexus)

Jul 2008 Technical Report
35 pages
PDF icon Land-use, Bioenergy and Agro-biotechnology - WBGU 2008.pdf
Can sustainability criteria for certification of agrofuels be effective?

Helena Paul

May 2008 Chapter
4 pages
Agrofuels: Towards a Reality Check in Nine Key Areas

Co-published by Biofuelwatch, Carbon Trade Watch / Transnational Institute, Corporate Europe Observatory, EcoNexus, Ecoropa, Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Munlochy Vigil, NOAH (Friends of the Earth Denmark), Rettet den Regenwald, Watch Indonesia

Mar 2007 Report
36 pages
PDF icon Agrofuels.pdf