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Agrofuel Moratorium Call

The undersigned call for an immediate moratorium on EU incentives for agrofuels and agroenergy from large-scale monocultures including tree plantations and a moratorium on EU imports of such agrofuels. This includes the immediate suspension of all targets, incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies which benefit agrofuels from large-scale monocultures, including financing through carbon trading mechanisms, international development aid or loans from international finance organisations such as the World Bank. This call also responds to the growing number of calls from the global south against agrofuel monoculturesi, which EU targets are helping to promote.

About EcoNexus

EcoNexus, founded in February 2000, is a small public interest research organisation consisting of scientists and dedicated experts focusing on new technologies that could have a negative impact on biodiversity and the ecosystems which are fundamental to life.  

Patenting of Life

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