Synthetic Biology needs urgent attention from the SBSTTA

October 2011
14 pages
EcoNexus CBD submission on Synthetic Biology126.57 KB


All submissions to the CBD on "New and emerging issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity".

With Decision IX/29, and in particular in accordance with paragraph 4 of decision X/13, the CBD called for "submissions of information on synthetic biology and geo-engineering, while applying the precautionary approach to the field release of synthetic life, cell or genome into the environment".
We herewith would like to submit our concerns and relevant information to particular aspects of Synthetic Biology, such as DIY Synthetic Biology and Bio-hacking.

Civil society organisations have highlighted the risks repeatedly over the years. For this submission we would like to concentrate on a few issues:

  • the lacking basis for risk assessments of Synthetic organisms,
  • Synthetic biology and waste, and
  • the lax approach to Synbio in the DIY space.